The 19 Best Barney Stinson Quotes That Prove He's Legendary  

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Although How I Met Your Mother is now over, there's no reason why we can't look back on the best Barney Stinson quotes of all time. You know him for quotes like "legen...wait for it...dary", but Barney has so much more to offer than his cheap catchphrases and womanizing one liners. If you look deep down into his core, Barney Stinson is a sweet, caring, and compassionate man, and this list will prove that to you. Although his wedding at the end of HIMYM didn't go the distance, it's still nice to think that deep down, Barney is a hopeless romantic (yeah right). Check out the best quotes from your other favorite TV characters as well, such as Saul Goodman and Futurama's Bender Rodriguez.
He asks the important questions

He's awesome

Like, Yoda awesome

Did he mention he's awesome?