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The Best Baron Zemo Storylines In Comics

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The best Baron Zimo comics start with his introduction in The Avengers #4 all the way back in 1964, so he's been around since the early Silver Age of Comics. Since he was first introduced, Baron Zemo has been responsible for some of the most damaging Marvel comic book events, making him one of the most important characters in the Marvel Universe. All-told, there have been 13 versions of the character with Helmut Zemo being the modern version. When Daniel Brühl brought him to life in Captain America: Civil War and fleshed him out even further in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, fans around the world wanted to know what the best storylines in the comics featured the good... er, bad Baron.

Over the 57+ years he's been messing with the various heroes who fight to protect the Marvel Universe, there have been tons of comic books, great stories, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, comic book issues, story arcs, storylines, and one-shot books about Baron Zemo, making it hard to determine which is the best of Baron Zemo's greatest adventures. This list attempts the impossible by narrowing the best down to the top 20. You can also use this list as a Baron Zemo reading guide.

Check out the stories listed below, and if you see your favorites, vote them up. Then check back to see which of these comics is the best Baron Zemo story ever told!

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    Under Siege

    Story Found In: The Avengers #273-277

    Details: The "Under Siege" storyline that plays out in The Avengers #273-277 is an excellent reintroduction to the character. It's all about revenge (when isn't it with Zemo?), and he's out to take down Earth's Mightiest Heroes! 

    To make this happen, he revives an age-old trick first employed by the original Baron Zemo. He reintroduces the Avengers to the Masters of Evil! The story unfolds into an amazing siege story featuring two battling armies of incredibly powerful people, and it's a must-read for anyone looking to learn all about Zemo!

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    Avengers Masterworks Vol. 2

    Story Found In: The Avengers #11-20

    Details: Some of Baron Zemo's best appearances came in the earliest days of the Silver Age of Comics. He never shied away from making life hard for the Avengers, but his favorite foil tended to be none other than Captain America, who had just taken over as the new team leader.

    Issues 11 through 20 of The Avengers are reprinted in Avengers Masterworks Vol. 2, which covers a lot of Zemo's earliest appearances. This was an important time for Earth's Mightiest Heroes, as it saw the team lose members and reform under Captain America's leadership.

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    The Mighty Avengers Meet The Masters Of Evil

    Story Found In: Avengers #6

    Details: While Baron Zemo made his first appearance a couple of issues earlier (alongside Captain America's return to the Marvel Universe), it was only a flashback. his first full appearance came in issue six's "The Mighty Avengers Meet the Masters of Evil!!"

    The story features the full introduction of Baron Zemo, though he does feature prominently in Captain America's flashback. He's introduced alongside his suit, craft, castle, and other elements as the leader of the newly-formed Masters of Evil.

    Because this is his first full appearance, it's an important book to read regarding Zemo in the Marvel Universe. It's not necessarily his greatest story, but it's a detailed look at the character and what makes him tick, so it's required reading for anyone looking to learn more about the character.

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    ...And A Phoenix Shall Arise!

    Story Found In: Captain America #168

    Details: The original Baron Zemo (Heinrich) had a relatively short career in the comics, but it wasn't until Captain America #168 that another Zemo came onto the scene. Of course, when he does appear, it's not as Baron Zemo; it's as a new character who goes by the name "The Phoenix."

    His introduction comes in the form of a revenge story. He goes after Captain America to try and gain vengeance for his father, Heinrich. Just like his father, he took a swim in a vat of Adhesive X and revealed his face to be incredibly disfigured; hence, the mask. This issue features the first transition of the Zemo barony and makes for great reading, as it's filled with intrigue and action.

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