The Best 'Barry' Quotes

It's not easy being Barry. The titular character of one of HBO's most daring shows is a tortured assassin trying to become a sensitive artist, and those two tones - deadly and comedic - are at the forefront of every episode of Barry. It's a beautiful series that excels in both genres, and its characters, Barry included, are some of the most richly drawn on television. So, of course, it makes sense that the words they say - even NoHo Hank's lines - are as compelling, funny, heartbreaking, and entertaining as they are.

The best Barry quotes swing wildly from laugh out loud funny one-liners to deep monologues that can give any drama a run for its money. Everyone's going to have their favorite quotes, but only some will be cut out for the big time. So let's rank our favorites and yank our least favorites off the stage.