Bartenders In Movies, Ranked By Whether You'd Want Them To Pour You Another One

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Vote up the movie bartenders that would earn your late-night loyalty.

Famous movie bartenders run the gamut. From Arthur's android in Passengers to Lloyd’s spectral barkeep in The Shining, from the beautiful bad*ss Charlene in The Fighter to the android-averse Wuher in Star Wars, film has had all manner of booze providers throughout its history. Tavern-owners in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Johnny Guitar offered examples of women finding success in business long before it was commonplace, and the octopus in Who Framed Roger Rabbit made everyone imagine how much they could get done with eight arms!

These memorable characters play important roles in movies. Be they kind-hearted or only out for themselves, bartenders are the reliably common characters to whom people - especially movie characters - tend to open up. The liquid courage they provide has led to many a movie climax. So which of these famous bartenders would you want to mix your drink of choice?


  • Who's serving? Ravenwood runs the Raven, a tavern in Nepal that her father left in her care. The Raiders of the Lost Ark heroine, and Indy's love interest, is funny, kind, independent, and self-assured. She doesn't feel a need to lean into her sensuality, but will when it benefits her.

    What'll it be? Marion serves up strong drinks to locals at her tavern. She'll occasionally throw down a wager that she can drink absolutely anyone under the table. Given her preternatural tolerance for alcohol, she always succeeds. Clear liquor is the booze of choice.

    Would you tell her your problems? She will keep you on your toes. Marion has a wisecrack for any situation. She has a kind heart and a solid moral compass, so if you're a good person, you can trust her with anything. If not, she may just be gathering dirt on you. Either way, expect her to be entirely present.

  • Who's serving? Arthur is an android tending bar aboard a giant spaceship called the Avalon. He keeps a tidy bar, provides sage advice to those he serves and, not being an organic life form, never tires. Arthur may not feel as a human does, but he sure does try to be helpful and comforting.

    What'll it be? Arthur can guess a person's drink of choice just be looking at them, and makes a killer martini. Just good programming, I suppose.

    Would you tell him your problems? That's what he's there for. He's the perfect bartender in every way, and that includes lending an ear and offering good advice.

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    Nick From 'It's a Wonderful Life'

    Who's serving? Nick is a grumpy jerk who is willing to throw down at any time, for any reason. His surly demeanor and forced expulsion of George Bailey and his guardian angel kick off George's journey of self-discovery.

    What'll it be? He provides hard liquor to anyone who wants to get wasted, and has no patience for anything else. Nick serves bourbon and martinis, amongst other boozy concoctions.

    Would you tell him your problems? Not unless you want to get decked in the face!

  • Who's serving? The giant Octopus bartender in Who Framed Roger Rabbit works at the Ink and Paint Club. While Daffy and Donald aggressively play dueling pianos on stage, he does his job behind the bar with a speed that would be the envy of anyone in the service industry.

    What'll it be? Everything! He makes and serves cocktails while taking orders and accepting payment - all at the same time. You'll never wait more than a moment for anything at this bar. While he does sling drinks at record speed, his sloppy red tongue hangs out of his mouth the whole time. Were the octopus not a cartoon, that would definitely be unsanitary.

    Would you tell him your problems? Nah. He'd be too busy to give you his full attention. If you feel like being a bit of a jerk, you could have some fun spilling things or paying in pennies - anything that would throw Octo-booze off his game.