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The Most Memorable Quotes From 'Barton Fink'

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The best Barton Fink quotes make you realize how great the movie really is, even if you haven't seen it in a while. It was the fifth movie written by Joel and Ethan Coen and the fourth movie that they directed. Now, let's rank the greatest quotes from Barton Fink, with the help of your votes. Starring John Turturro, John Goodman, and Judy Davis, Barton Fink was directed by the Coen brothers and was released in 1991.

What are your favorite lines from Barton Fink? One of the memorable one-liners was when Barton said, "I don't like to discuss works in progress. If I let the words tumble out prematurely, it changes it, and I may never get it back." Another great line from Barton Fink is, "Jesus, throw a rock in here, you'll hit one. And do me a favor Fink, throw it hard." Spoken by Ben Geisler who was played by Tony Shalhoub.

Vote up all the Barton Fink quotes you want to see at the top of the list, regardless if they are funny or serious or which character they come from.

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    I've Heard About It

    Barton Fink: Have you read the Bible, Pete?

    Pete: Holy Bible?

    Barton Fink: Yeah.

    Pete: Yeah, I think so. Anyway, I've heard about it.


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      Can Be Painful

      Barton Fink: I gotta tell you, the life of the mind... There's no roadmap for that territory... And exploring it can be painful.


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        You'll Hit One

        Ben Geisler: Look, you confused? You need guidance? Talk to another writer.

        Barton Fink: Who?

        Ben Geisler: Jesus, throw a rock in here, you'll hit one. And do me a favor Fink, throw it hard.


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          Don't Be Silly

          Beauty: It's a beautiful day.

          Barton Fink: Huh?

          Beauty: I said it's a beautiful day.

          Barton Fink: Yes. It is.

          Beauty: What's in the box?

          Barton Fink: I don't know.

          Beauty: Isn't it yours?

          Barton Fink: I don't know. You're very beautiful. Are you in pictures?

          Beauty: Don't be silly.


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