The Best Baseball Announcers of All Time

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List of the best baseball announcers of all time, the top Major League Baseball broadcasters ever, voted on by baseball fans. This list includes notable announcers of games broadcast on ESPN, CBS, NBC, KCAL and MLB radio stations.

Baseball is one of the best spectator sports and sportscasters have had a huge impact on the experience of watching particular teams throughout professional sports history. If anything fires up baseball fans more than the teams they follow, it is the announcers who call - indeed, embody - the games those teams play. This list includes pioneers from the 1920s like Graham McNamee to today's best (Jon Miller, Skip Caray, Tim McCarver). At the top of this list is legendary Dodger's announcer Vin Scully, who may be the most famous and loved MLB announcer ever. Baseball lovers and fans may agree with some of the placement of the Major League Baseball broadcasters on this list and vehemently disagree with others. Of course, that is the fun of a list like this. 

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