The Best Baseball Stadiums To Eat At

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Vote up the best ballparks, based solely on the food options they have to offer.

Let's face it - ballparks have moved way beyond peanuts and cracker jacks in recent years. Nowadays, you can get some legitimately good food at baseball games instead of just opting for overpriced popcorn and hotdogs. Baseball stadium food can range from traditional items to some really weird snacks, but exploring the cuisines offered at the game is all part of the experience. 

What are the best ballpark snacks? If you can't stomach the idea of going to a game and not indulging in a hot dog, many stadiums have taken it upon themselves to put a unique spin on the traditional food item. You'll find everything from hot dogs made from elk meat to hot dogs slathered with unique toppings like carne asada. Many cities stock their baseball stadiums with locally famous cuisines. You can grab deep dish pizza at Wrigley Field or indulge in New England's famous seafood options at Fenway Park. Given an increasing number of people are opting for a plant-based diet, many ballparks are now offering vegetarian or vegan options - meaning there's no need for the noncarnivorous to starve at the ballgame.

Which MLB stadiums have the best food?  Baseball is a game of numbers and stats, but we're not ranking pitchers here. Instead, we're ranking the eats! Vote up the stadiums with the best food below! 

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  • Fenway Park
    39 votes

    Of course you'll find New England classics at Fenway like lobster rolls and clam chowder, available along Yawkey Way and in the concourses. 

    You can also try a famous Fenway Frank, offered throughout the park. These hot dogs are served steamed instead of grilled and often garnished with Ketchup, mustard, rellish, and chopped onions. 

    For booze, Fenway is known for its extensive beer options. If you want an authentic Red Sox experience, Sam Adams is the team's official beer

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  • Petco Park
    San Diego
    23 votes

    Petco Park offers serveral variations on the ballpark staple hot dogs. Several locations sell the all-beef, nine-inch Tarantino “Friar Frank” hot dog. There are some new and improved varieties of the Tarantino to sample, including a bacon-wrapped dog, a Caprese yurkey dog, a chili cheese dog, and a veggie dog. 

    For something local, beach burger joint Hodad's has five locations that offer hamburgers, cheeseburgers, bacon double burgers, and veggie burgers. Not to mention, local brewery Ballast Point serves beers like Pineapple Sculpin and Watermelon Dorado at a variety of locations. 

    Not only can you get authentic Neapolitan pizza at Buona Forchetta's, the resturant offers a gelato bar if you're in need of dessert. 

  • Wrigley Field
    49 votes

    When you're in Chicago, you simply can't leave without at least trying the pizza. Chicago's famous deep dish pizza is offered at Giordano's Pizza stands throughout the arena. 

    There are also some typical baseball snacks offered throughout Wrigley Field. The Red Line Grill offers chili cheese fries and garlic parmesan fries. Hot dogs, burgers, and other sandwich options are available at venues like Waveland Grill, Tripper's, and the Cub House 

    Chicago is famous for its beef and sausage. Top Doug's has specialty sausage offerings including the Joe Tinker (veal sausage with sage mustard, crispy onions, and Swiss cheese) and Johnny Evers (jalapeno-jack cheese pork sausage with sweet and spicy mustard, caramelized onions, and jack cheese). 

  • SunTrust Park

    SunTrust Park

    44 votes

    Atlanta is famous for its barbecue, so you should definitely stop by Smokey Q's. The restaurant serves a smoked whole hog barbecue sandwich, served on white bread with chopped southern slaw and vinegar sauce. 

    For a truly indulgent sandwich, 1871 Grille has a Pimento cheese patty melt, served with caramelized onions and smoked paprika on rye. Looking for a spin on a ballpark staple? Chef Hugh Acheson has his 1st and 3rd Sausage Shack, which features designer dogs

    The Slice offers Italian cuisine, such as breadsticks, canolis, ice cream, and Italian garlic Parmesan popcorn. 

  • AT&T Park
    San Francisco
    25 votes

    Given its San Fran location, it's no surprise the AT&T Park offers some California staples. There's the Crazy Crab Sandwich, loaded with Dungeness Crab and served on buttery sourdough bread, and handcrafted ice cream sandwiches made with fresh-baked cookies.

    The stadium also borrows from the Big Apple, serving New York style pizza. By the way, slices or whole pies can be delivered to any seat.

    Lastly, there are plenty of wine carts floating around stadium. It is California. 

  • Citizens Bank Park
    South Philadelphia Sports Complex , Philadelphia
    39 votes

    Given it's Phili locaion, of course you can go for cheesesteaks. These are available at Campo's Steaks, Connie Mack's, Delco's, and Tony Luke's. You can also find cheesesteak nachos and cheesesteak fries at McFadden's Restaurant and Saloon. Harry the Ki's Broadcast Bar even serves cheesesteak spring rolls. 

    For those of you on a plant-based diet, Tony Luke's offers broccoli rabe and the South Philadelphia Market has veggie dogs, black bean burgers, veggie chicken, and gluten free snacks

    In the mood for some barbecue? Bull's BBQ has a sampler - so you can try a little of everything - not to mention turkey legs, Bull Dogs, and Bull's BBQ ribs