The Best Baseball Teams of All Time

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What are the best baseball teams ever? Anyone who loves MLB likely has at least one, or more, favorite teams. Some people fall in love with their favorite teams early on in life; others grow to appreciate a baseball team more and more as they get older. From the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees to the Baltimore Orioles, this list includes some of the all-time top MLB teams. Vote for the baseball teams you love the most, vote down any you don't like and please, re-rank this list based on your personal opinions - your rerankings will affect the final tally! What makes a baseball team the best? Certainly, world titles should be considered, but just because a baseball team has won the most World Series' doesn't mean everyone is a fan. Some of the teams listed here are known for having the best MLB ballparks, for example. Sometimes, it's all about the overall experience! Players are certainly important: Any team with the greatest baseball players of all time is going to be hugely popular. From the top notch, best hitters to the best closers in baseball history, a team's roster certainly matters when choosing the greatest baseball teams.
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