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The Best Basement Jaxx Albums, Ranked

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We're ranking the top Basement Jaxx albums of all time. One of the top big beat DJ duos ever and one of the most popular dance artists in the U.S. throughout the early part of the 2000s, the Basement Jaxx discography features several No. 1 hits, such as "Red Alert," "Bingo Bango," and "Never Say Never," as long as a number of deeper cuts that have gotten people bouncing on the dance floor for years.

From their 1999 debut album Remedy to their most recent release, 2014's Junto, this list of Basement Jaxx albums features proof of the British duo's lasting popularity and staying power. Vote up the best Basement Jaxx albums, and vote down the ones that were disappointing.

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    1. Romeo
    2. Breakaway
    3. S.F.M.
    4. Kissalude
    5. Jus 1 Kiss
    6. Broken Dreams
    7. I Want U
    8. Get Me Off
    9. Where's Your Head At
    10. Freakalude
    11. Crazy Girl
    12. Do Your Thing
    13. All I Know

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      1. Intro
      2. Hush Boy
      3. Zoomalude
      4. Take Me Back to Your House
      5. Hey U
      6. On the Train
      7. Run 4 Cover
      8. Skillalude
      9. Smoke Bubbles
      10. Lights Go Down
      11. Intro (Reprise)
      12. Everybody
      13. Keep Keep On
      14. U R on My Mind

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        1. Good Luck (feat. Lisa Kekaula)
        2. Right Here's the Spot (feat. Meshell Ndegeocello) 
        3. Benjilude
        4. Lucky Star (feat. Dizzee Rascal) 
        5. Petrilude
        6. Supersonic (feat. Totlyn Jackson)
        7. Plug It In (feat. JC Chasez) 
        8. Cosmolude
        9. If I Ever Recover
        10. Cish Cash (feat. Siouxsie Sioux)  
        11. Tonight (feat. Phoebe) 
        12. Hot 'n Cold
        13. Living Room
        14. Feels Like Home (feat. Meshell Ndegeocello)

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          1. Rendez-Vu
          2. Yo-Yo
          3. Jump n' Shout
          4. U Can't Stop Me
          5. Jaxxalude
          6. Red Alert
          7. Jazzalude
          8. Always Be There
          9. Sneakalude
          10. Same Old Show
          11. Bingo Bango
          12. Gemilude
          13. Stop 4 Love
          14. Don't Give Up
          15. Being with U

          Pitchfork score: 3.5

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