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The Best Basement Hangouts in Film and TV History

When it comes to the best basements in film and TV, the competition isn’t that fierce. Basements are generally places where bad things happen in horror flicks or serial killers go to traumatize their victims in police procedurals. Audiences tend to associate basements with evil, not good. Which is a shame, because with a little TLC (or some choice weed from the kids in That '70s Show), basements can be ideal hangout spots. Especially when you live in the ‘70s and have nowhere else to go.

Despite what popular culture might have you believe, basements aren’t always spooky deathtraps. You might not want to step foot in the popular basements from Pulp Fiction or Psycho, but there are several other movies and TV shows that manage to give basements a good name. These are the best fictional basements to hang out in. Vote up the ones where you'd actually want to spend your time!   

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    It's the coolest spot in Point Place, but only because the town is small and there isn't much to do anyway. Still, hanging out with Hyde, Donna, Eric, Fez, Jackie, and Kelso sounds like tons of fun. Especially if uh... "Mary Jane" is there too.

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    Wayne’s Basement on Wayne's World

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    You ARE worthy! Wayne and Garth spend a lot of time in the basement hosting their public-access television show, and they've even hosted some pretty famous guests. If you hang out long enough, maybe they'll  give you a job manning the camera or an invitation to rock out to Aerosmith. Party time! Excellent!

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    Mike’s Basement on Stranger Things

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    Who wouldn’t want to hang out in a basement and play Dungeons & Dragons undisturbed, away from the prying eyes of parents? In the ‘80s, it didn’t get any cooler than this. All they needed was a table, some storage space, and a dim light for ambiance. 

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    The space located under the kitchen in the Tanner house went through a bunch of changes as the show progressed. It was originally meant as a garage, but it was turned into a bedroom for Joey in season 1. In season 4, it became Jessie's studio. And in the sequel, Fuller House, it's transformed into Stephanie’s room. Not too shabby. 

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