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The Best Basketball Players of the 00s

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  • Tim Duncan
    Photo: Christian Liewig - Corbis/Contributor / Corbis Sport/Getty Images
    He gathers only a fraction of the fame of so many inferior players, but no one has done more in the past 10 years.
  • Kobe Bryant
    Photo: Gabriel Olsen/Contributor / Getty Images Entertainment
    With an MVP and Finals MVP in the past 2 years, you've gotta lift him above his old teammate and rival Shaq. Still falls a bit short of Duncan, as he hasn't had Duncan's consistency, and he's brought some negativity to the table that Duncan never would.
  • If I were making a list for the best player from 95 to 05, Shaq would top it. His prime just doesn't intersect well enough with the decade in question here.
  • Kevin Garnett
    Photo: Aaron Frutman / Flickr
    The clear "next best guy". A decisive MVP, the spark behind one of the great team turnarounds in history leading to a title, and a consistent performer all decade.