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The Best Storylines That Feature Batgirl

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Batman has been one of DC Comics' greatest characters, but more than just telling great stories, the Dark Knight has been the vehicle upon which a plethora of amazing characters have been introduced. From his amazing rogues' gallery to the many people involved in the so-called "Batman Family," Batman's characters stand as some of the best in comics with Batgirl standing out as one of the greatest.

Batgirl is more than just a young woman who picked up a costume and became a superhero; she is a complex heroine with her own issues and accomplishments. If your only knowledge of the character stems from her appearances in film and television series, you may not know Batgirl as well as her most ardent fans. She has been appearing in comic books since as far back as 1961, which means there are a ton of graphic novels, trade paperbacks, comic book issues, incredible adventures, and impressive story arcs to her name. Looking through such a long history can be intimidating, but this list is here to help! These are the 20 best Batgirl storylines that have ever been written, illustrated, and put to paper so don't forget to find your favorite and vote it up to see which of Batgirl's amazing stories rises to the top!

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