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We compiled the best bathroom fight scenes in movies. From Hollywood action movies to foreign films, the greatest fight scenes in bathrooms feature martial arts, badass characters, and bloody violence. What’s your favorite bathroom fight scene in a movie? 

Including movies like The World's End and The Matrix, this list of movie fight scenes in bathrooms comes with videos, so you can watch your favorite action movie stars fight in a bathroom. 

Here are the best restroom fight scenes in movies. Vote for your favorite fight scenes in cinematic history and feel free to add any good bathroom fights missing from the list.

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Actors: Won Bin, Kim Sae-ron, Young-chang Song, Kim Hee Won, Thanayong Wongtrakul, + more

Initial Release: 2010

Directed by: Lee Jung-beom

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Video: YouTube

Actors: Julie Estelle, Iko Uwais, Marsha Timothy, Kenichi Endō, Kazuki Kitamura, + more

Initial Release: 2014

Directed by: Gareth Evans

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Video: YouTube

Actors: Mercedes Ruehl, Robert Townsend, James Remar, David Harris, David Patrick Kelly, + more

Initial Release: 1979

Directed by: Walter Hill

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Video: YouTube

Actors: Pierce Brosnan, Rosamund Pike, Martin Freeman, Simon Pegg, Paddy Constantine, + more

Initial Release: 2013

Directed by: Edgar Wright

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