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Batman sidekicks and other characters that support him in his crime fighting.

For a loner, Batman sure has had a hell of a lot of sidekicks and partners, but who were the best Batman sidekicks and family members? Also known as the Bat-family, these bat-characters are the support team that help Batman on his missions and help Bruce Wayne stay grounded in reality. But not all of them were exactly on the level of Batman. So which ones were the best supporting members of Batman's crime-fighting family? Which ones were duds? You decide by voting for your favorite Batman family members!

While Dick Grayson became a great hero in his own right, eventually taking the Batman cowl and name, Jason Todd went the other way and became the anti-hero Red Hood. So as you can see, the apple sometimes does fall far from the tree. So which other Batman sidekicks and family members make the grade?

Vote up your favorite Batman family members and sidekicks and add any you think are missing. Your vote matters! Like in 1988, the lowest ranked Batman sidekick may end up getting killed off--or not.
Ranked by
  • Dick Grayson
    1,111 votes
    Young Justice, The Batman, Batman & Robin
  • Alfred Pennyworth
    906 votes
    Batman, Batman: The Animated Series, The Batman
  • Tim Drake
    884 votes
    DC Universe
  • Barbara Gordon
    840 votes
    The Batman, Birds of Prey, Batman Begins
  • Jason Todd
    923 votes
    Batman: Under the Red Hood, DC Universe
  • Robin
    421 votes
    The New Adventures of Batman, Batman, The Batman