The Best Beaches in Florida

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List of the best beaches in Florida, ranked. This list includes the top sea, sand, and sun combinations in the Sunshine State, from the bright white sugar shores of Destin down to the calming crystal-clear waters of the Keys and back up to the boisterous bustle of Daytona. As one of America's most consistently warm states, Florida is home to many of the best US Cities for vacations. Southern parts of the peninsula are popular departure points for many of the best cruise ships for families, and cities along both coasts and the panhandle are among the best spring break destinations for college kids.

Florida's warm, calm waters draw enthusiasts of all types, from SCUBA divers and snorklers to high speed boaters. While some of the top Florida beach cities are great for swimming and playing in the water, even for kids, others of Florida's best towns are ideal for biking, hiking, and soaking up the sun.

Vote up your favorite Florida beaches on this list to help create the definitive list of the top Florida vacation spots, and be sure to add any that I missed. If you have spent time sun worshipping in a few different cities, please hit "rerank" to make your own version of this list.
Most divisive: Fernandina Beach
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