The Best Beaches in New England

What are the best beaches in New England? This list includes some of the most popular and beautiful Atlantic Coast beaches and towns. These idyllic spots are perfect for relaxing or exploring during the warm summer months. They are, without question, among the best beaches in the U.S. Which one is the greatest? That is for you to decide, with votes. Be sure to add any excellent beaches or beach towns in New England that are missing from the list, too.

New England is filled with stunning beaches, offering visitors plenty of great sand, waves and a natural, unspoiled beauty. Fans of seashell collecting will find a treasure trove of opportunities on virtually all of these wonderful beaches, and wildlife watchers will revel in the diversity of the area's ecosystem. If you want to see some seals, head to any of the beaches off Chatham and prepare to be amazed. And of course, there's the ridiculously amazing seafood: Want some great fried clams or lobster rolls? Head to any New England beach town for a feast.

One of the most popular and famous stretches of beaches in the world is the Cape Cod National Seashore, home to more than 500 miles of beaches that offer plenty of waves and some seriously great swimming spots. Cape Cod isn't the only magical beach area in New England, though: From Maine to New Hampshire to Rhode Island and beyond, the New England beaches rival of the best beaches in the South (including Florida's greatest beaches), Hawaii or even the Caribbean.

No two beaches in the world are exactly alike. Each offers a unique experience. The beaches in and around New England are some of the most unique on Earth!
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