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The Best Beanie Babies Ever Made

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List RulesOfficial Ty Beanie Babies only. None of the classic bears, please, and no Teenie Beanies or Beanie Buddies.

Oh, Beanie Babies. What a fad to have been a part of. These little stuffed animals took the world by storm in the '90s, and manufacturer Ty is still cranking out new ones even today. When Ty started "retiring" certain ones, Beanie Baby values shot through the roof and the "Beanie Baby Bubble" confounded economists. Regardless of which was worth the most, many kids just wanted all the cute ones. Which Beanie Babies were the best? Why don't you continue the arguments you maybe had on a playground once and cast some votes on this list of the best Beanie Babies ever made?

If you landed here on accident and are thinking "what are Beanie Babies," then welcome to life post-living under a rock. Beanie Babies, manufactured by Ty Inc., are little stuffed animals filled with beans that are really just plastic pellets. But Plastic Pellet Pets didn't have the same ring, you know?

So here you go. Relive your childhood (or a weird period of your adulthood) with this list of the best Beanie Babies ever made. Don't just vote for the rare Beanie Babies, or the original nine Beanie Babies. Vote for the ones you the Beanie Babies you had and loved the most and head to the comments section to discuss the best tag protectors if that is a conversation you are dying to have.

Plus, this is by no means a list of all Beanie Babies - I don't have one million years to add them all. So why not help out a friends and add any of your favorite Beanies that aren't listed. Just please don't add any of the classic bears here. Ones like Almond or Chilly are okay, but if you want to rank Curly and Kicks and the Princess Diana bear, that is a whole different list.
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