The Best Songs on The Beatles' Album Revolver

As a continuation of the many musical advances the Beatles made throughout their career, Revolver graced music fans with some of the group's best songs, both at the time of its release as well as decades later. In other words, some of the tracks on Revolver, the Beatles' seventh studio album, have stood the test of time and remain as some of the band's top songs. The album itself also finds its way toward the top as one of the Beatles' best albums. But could it be considered one of the best albums of all time?

Greatest of all time or not, the most notable songs on the album include "Yellow Submarine" and "Eleanor Rigby", the latter of which features a classical strings section—something many other rock bands weren't doing at the time. In this same regard, "Tomorrow Never Knows" incorporates the aforementioned progress in their music, such as tape loops and other technology. Considering all this, each song on the album is unique and even praiseworthy, but which song is the best?

As far as the best songs on Revolver are concerned, that's up to you fans to determine. Cast your votes for each song below to ultimately rank them starting from the top. 

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