The Best Beauty Treatments for Men

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Most people think that going to a spa or nail salon is something that only women should do, but more and more men are catching on that they can go in to these places too. Manscaping isn't just a thing for the metro man anymore. Manicures and pedicures, massages and facials are all things that help make a manly man a handsome man. No longer do men have to suffer from uni-brows and pubic jungles. There are plenty of beauty treatments made specifically for the hairy man. If waxing is still a scary word for them, men can now go for laser hair removal or a nice close shave. 

These are the top beauty treatments for men available at spas around the world. Vote for your favorite and if there is something that isn't listed, feel free to add it below. 

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  • Salon Hair Cuts
    36 votes

    Salon Hair Cuts

  • Body Acne Treatments
    36 votes

    Body Acne Treatments

  • Manicures
    42 votes


  • Body Hydration
    25 votes

    Body Hydration

  • Massage
    9 votes
  • Pedicures
    38 votes