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List of beer companies and famous beer breweries around the world, ranked by connoisseurs and casual fans. Forget liquors and wines -- beer is the treat of people who really enjoy alcohol. Whether you're enjoying a dark and soothing stout or a bright and hoppy IPA, drinking beer is truly the best way to relax.

Beer is made with a variety of hops, barley, wheat and, of course, water -- with the occasional infusion of different herbs, spices, and even chocolate to change the flavor. Common beer types are IPAs, ambers, lagers, wheat beers, pale ales, stouts, and red ales. No two beers are alike, and no two beer drinkers will ever be able to agree about which flavor is best and why. All of the companies on this list manufacture at least one type of great beer and several make many types of beers. So what do you think of our list?
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