The Best Beer In Every State

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In the cities, in the hills, and on the shores of every state in America, thriving microbreweries are working hard to bring quality brews to thirsty consumers. Looking at the most popular beers from the most celebrated breweries from each state provides a sense of the modern craft brewing landscapre from sea to shining sea in the United States of America. Of course, the nation has longstanding favorite beer brands both domestic and foreign, but the beloved local brews have boomed in the 21st century, creating a whole new generation of serious beer nerds.

From hop-forward IPAs to fruit-filled European-inspired brews, the variety of handcrafted beer beverages in America are as wild and wonderfully diverse as the varied communities they call home. When you're in the mood for a cold one, you might just have a garage fridge full of Budweiser, but the idea here is to do a deep dive into the sudsy depths of beers that reflect the specific tastes of uniquely American places and people dedicating their lives to making distinctive and delicious booze.

Photo: theNerdPatrol / Flickr / CC BY 2.0