The Best Kinds of Berries to Eat, Ranked

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If you're hungry for a healthy snack, there's nothing quite like a handful of fresh berries. There are many types of these delicious little fruits, ranging in flavor from juicy and sweet to crisp and tart. Popular berries are cultivated all over the world as a food source, whether they're eaten raw or cooked to make jellies, jams, and preserves. Other types of berries are found almost exclusively in the wild.

Is your favorite berry featured on this list? Maybe you're a fan of the strawberry. Whether blended into ice cream, featured in a smoothie, or eaten on their own, these sweet red fruits are one of the most delicious berries found in nature. Their smaller relative, the raspberry, is a good option for people who prefer a bit of tartness in their berries. But those berries aren't as tart as the cranberry, which is usually served sweetened and stewed as a tangy counterpoint to savory dishes like turkey. Or perhaps you're a fan of the grape, a common berry with many tasty varieties.

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