The Best Songs on Beyoncé's Album 'RENAISSANCE'

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Have you listened to Beyoncé's highly-anticipated seventh studio album RENAISSANCE yet?! Released three years after her soundtrack album The Lion King: The Gift through Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records, RENAISSANCE serves as the first act of the industry mogul's three-part project. The 16-track record honors both Beyoncé's immediate family and her late gay Uncle Jonny, who opened her eyes to the LGBTQ+ world and house music that inspired RENAISSANCE. Combining elements of R&B pop with disco dance music, Beyoncé's latest album communicates themes of freedom, uniqueness, and growth, creating a safe space for listeners to celebrate their individuality – a ”place without judgment, free of perfectionism," as the superstar stated via social media. Some of the album's top songs include “I'M THAT GIRL,” “COZY,” “CUFF IT,” "HEATED," “ALL UP IN YOUR MIND,” “AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM,” and of course its leading single “BREAK MY SOUL.”

How do the album's tracks compare to Beyoncé's greatest previous works? Which of these bangers will surpass one billion streams? Vote up the best songs on RENAISSANCE, and vote down the tracks that don't live up to Queen Bey's top singles. 

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    Best Lyrics:

    That's what you are
    Stilettos kicking vintage crystal off the bar
    Category: bad b*tch, I'm the bar
    Alien superstar
    Whip, whip

    I'm too classy for this world, forever I'm that girl
    Feed you diamonds and pearls, ooh, baby
    I'm too classy to be touched, I pay them all in dust
    I'm stingy with my love, ooh, baby

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    Best Lyrics:

    We gon' f*ck up the night, black lives
    Spaceships fly, yeah (Spaceships fly)
    Unapologetic when we f*ck up the night, f*ck up the night
    We gettin' f*cked up tonight
    We gon' f*ck up the night

    Bet you you'll see far, bet you you'll see stars
    Bet you you'll elevate, bet you you’ll need God
    ’Cause I feel like falling in love
    I'm in the mood to f*ck something up

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    Best Lyrics:

    There's nothin' that I want as much as I want you
    A psychic hit me, told me we got sh*t to do
    We ain't got time like we used to
    But we still shine like we used to
    And we still grind like we used to
    And we cut ties when we need to
    But I need more you on me and me on you

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    Best Lyrics:

    Never met a girl with a mind like this, no, no
    To kill space and time like this, my love
    Never mеt a girl so fine like this, no, no, no-no, no
    With a waist and wine like this

    My love
    Only a real one could tame me
    Only the radio could play me
    Oh, now you wish I was complacent 
    Boy, you must've mixed up our faces 
    Oh, now you wanna have conversations
    See, now you're testing my patience

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    Best Lyrics:

    I wanna crush you, I won't overanalyze
    I'm gonna trust you even though we met tonight
    But I'm gonna take you all the way
    Baby, can I take you all the way?

    You sexy motherf*cker, boy, you growin' on me
    I just wanna thug you, the category is bae 
    You gangster motherf*cker, boy, you growin' on me 
    Flexin' them golden rubbers, I can feel beneath those jeans

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    Best Lyrics:

    Bad b*tches to the left
    Money b*tches to the right
    You can be both, meet in the middle, dance all night
    Take it all off or just a little if you like, it's pure
    It should cost a billion to look this good (Oh, yeah)
    But she make it look easy 'cause she got it (Check my technique)
    You can find the one when the tempo good (Wanna touch my technique)
    Four, three, too f*cking busy
    That's my technique

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