The Best Bible Stories For Kids

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List of best Bible stories for kids. What are the top Bible stories for children? This list ranks the best Bible stories that are also great for kids. There are many stories in the Bible to teach children about Jesus, but what are the best stories that can teach kids life lessons? From the story of the Good Samaritan to Queen Esther's love for her people, the Bible can teach children about love, empathy, compassion, and more.

What are the best Bible stories for children? Some of the top stories in the bible that kids will love include Noah and the Flood, the Birth of Moses, and Jonah and the Whale. These are stories of trial and tribulation that ultimately end by showcasing the good of humanity. The stories are just as exciting as any children's story except that they have a great message in the end.

Some other favorite Bible stories for kids include many of Jesus's teachings, such as when Jesus feeds 5,000 or turns water into wine. There are many stories in the Bible that also teach about weakness and temptation, like Adam and Eve or Jesus's temptation in the desert. Vote up the best Bible stories for kids below.
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