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The 20 Greatest Big Sister Anime Characters

In the world of anime, little sisters and big brothers are probably the most common sibling configuration - but that doesn't mean it's the only one out there. Actually, there are plenty of anime characters who are older sisters who are worth paying attention to.

Some of the best big sisters in anime have the caring, maternal personalities that people associate with sisterly behavior. Akari Kawamoto of March Comes In Like A Lion loves her sisters fiercely, and has even taken on the responsibility of raising them after their mother passed away. Others are super protective without all the kindness - think of Mikasa Ackerman of Attack on Titan laying waste to anyone who messes with her adoptive brother Eren. Others, like Olivier Armstrong of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood are the ones giving their younger siblings the smackdown.

Whatever their relationships with their respective siblings, these older sisters all add something meaningful to their siblings' lives. Show them some love and vote up your favorites!

  • Mirajane Strauss is the older sister of Elfman and Lisanna Strauss - in fact, she basically raised them after her parents passed away. Thanks to her life as an orphan and the fact that the people in her community were disturbed by her powers, Mirajane developed what some call a 'demon persona' - but she can also be a kind, motherly person. 

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  • Saki Hanajima has a little brother named Megumi who is just as goth as she is. The two enjoy a close, supportive bond - although sometimes that takes the form of threatening to curse people together. 

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  • Temari is a powerful ninja with two younger brothers, Kankuro and Gaara. She and Kankuro have a relatively chill relationship that involves a ton of bickering. As for Gaara, both she and Kankuro fear him at first, but the two ultimately become quite protective over him, and feel pride in his considerable accomplishments.

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    Tsuyu Asui - 'My Hero Academia'

    While Tsuyu Asui's siblings are rarely seen in My Hero Academiaeveryone's favorite frog girl is actually the eldest of three. She has a younger brother named Samidare and a younger sister named Satsuki, and before she started going to U.A. she had to spend a lot of her free time looking after them when she wasn't in school.

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