The Best Bike Shorts Brands

Whether you're hitting the mountain trails, commuting to work, or trying to get in a good workout,  biking shorts are crucial to making your ride as smooth as possible. And our list makes picking out the best bike shorts brands even smoother!

Bicycling shorts are stretchy to allow for freedom of movement, and they come in moisture-wicking material to keep you dry when you're racing the streets or trails. If you need a little more protection for your bum during long rides, padded bike shorts are the way to go! There are a variety of thicknesses, materials, and shapes to keep you comfortable even after hours and miles of riding. 

Shimano, Scott, and Livestrong are big names in the bicycling world, so naturally they have their own bike shorts that offer supreme protection and comfort. Other brands like Pearl iZumi, Zoic, and Sugoi also offer amazing shorts for bike riding.  Feel free to add any brand that you don't see here! 

Before you hop on that seat in just some normal shorts, check out our list of the best bike shorts brands. Upvote the brand that makes you feel the most like Lance Armstrong... uh... or maybe not...
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