The Best Single Scenes from Bill Murray's Filmography

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Who doesn’t love Bill Murray? The comedic actor, who eventually became known for his dramatic chops as well, has more than 80 acting credits spread across five decades of work in TV and movies. A beloved cult figure, Murray has starred in popular television, indie films, summer blockbusters, and Oscar bait. He's appeared in partially animated movies alongside some of the most famous athletes of all time and had roles for which he improvised more or less all of his dialogue. Here are the best scenes in Bill Murray’s filmography.

Murray got his first crack at a lead role in whacky camp comedy Meatballs in 1979. The classic motivational speech and “it just doesn’t matter” chant from that movie is one of Bill Murray's best scenes. After Meatballs, it only took the SNL alum about a year to grab his star-making role as golf groundskeeper Carl Spackler in Caddyshack, a part that made Murray one of the biggest comedic stars of the 1980s.

A few iconic bits from Caddyshack appear on this list of Bill Murray's greatest movie scenes, but it's not all '70s and '80s Murray. Lest you forget, he has appeared in every Wes Anderson movie except Bottle Rocket, and a certain Coppola was responsible for turning him from a comic actor into an Academy Award-contending dramatic thespian. There’s a secret whisper and karaoke scene from that Oscar winning film.

These are just 20 of Bill Murray's best film scenes. This list could easily have a 100 scenes, and it still wouldn’t be enough. Be sure to make your voice heard and vote up for your favorite best Bill Murray scenes.