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The Best Billy Butcher Quotes From 'The Boys'

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Here are the best Billy Butcher quotes from the Amazon original series The Boys. Played by New Zealand actor Karl Urban, Billy Butcher is a tragic character who is doing everything to bring down the most powerful superhero in the world, Homelander. He teams up with Hughie Campbell, Mother's Milk, and Frenchie, all affectionately referred to as The Boys. Much like Hughie, Billy Butcher has suffered at the hands of the Seven and his quotes show the animosity he feels towards any and every Supe. He's an unforgettable character, so if you finish the series and find yourself missing the Butcher, watch more shows like The Boys

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    Geezer Up There

    Season 1 / Episode 5

    Old Priest: I'm not really sure what you're saying, my son.

    Billy Butcher: I'm saying if there is some geezer up there, with a big white beard, he's a world heavyweight c*nt.

    Old Preist: I'm sorry did you just call God a C-word?

    Billy Butcher: Yeah. He's got a hard-on for mass murder and giving kids cancer and his big old answer to the existential clusterf*ck that is humanity is to nail his own bleeding son to a plank. That is a c*nt move. Come on, even you got to agree with me there. We should lob a f*cking nuke at him, get it over and done with. You know what I'm saying?

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    Running Low

    Season 1 / Episode 5

    Billy Butcher: I just had to pop down to the shop. I was running a bit low on mind your own f*cking business. 

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    Your Rage

    Season 1 / Episode 6

    Billy Butcher: You, back off, or I'll shove this stick where you d*ck used to be. You're a bunch of pathetic Supe-worshipping c*nts. I bet you'd thank a Supe if they sh*t on your mum's best china. Did it ever occur to you that they split your spine or broke your d*ck just for a laugh? Where's your f*cking rage?! Your self-respect?! Sitting here in your little share circle. Having a little whinge and a moan. F*ck 'letting go.' You should be out there with a f*cking chain saw, going after 'em! Just a bunch of scared f*cking rabbits.

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    Happy Meal

    Season 1 / Episode 2

    Hughie: You're going to kill him?

    Billy Butcher: We didn't bring him here for a f*cking Happy Meal.

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