The Best Audiobook Biographies

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The best biographies are often more engaging than fiction. Whether they're autobios or told from an outside perspective, a good biography or memoir is like listening to someone interesting tell you their life story. The best biography audiobooks make it easier to listen to interesting lives while you go about yours at work, or just doing tasks around the house.

Some of the best biographies have inspired movies, such as Wild, American Sniper and Eat, Pray, Love. Great biography audiobooks also range from the life stories of the very famous, such as Steve Jobs, to people who lived fascinating lives without achieving fame, like the historical biography Maude. There are even versions of biographies read by the author, such as The Glass Castle, written and read by Jeannette Walls; What Happened, written and read by Hilary Rodham Clinton; and Becoming, written and read by Michelle Obama.

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