The Best Biopics To Watch About Real People

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More than 1,500 movie fans have come together to cast their votes for the best biopics about real people. This list of captivating films brings us face-to-face with an array of remarkable individuals who pushed boundaries and left their mark on history. From famous leaders in politics, science, and art to civil rights activists, these inspiring stories will leave you moved and enriched.

From Ray Charles's turbulent life story as portrayed in Ray to Stephen Hawking's incredible scientific achievements depicted in The Theory of Everything, these powerful biopics captivate audiences with compelling characters and engaging narratives. They make us laugh, cry, and cheer as we witness some truly heroic figures battle against adversity and triumph over impossible odds. Other good biopics include Schindler's List, Walk the Line, and A Beautiful Mind.

Whether it's Alfred Kinsey fighting censorship or Nelson Mandela leading a nation towards reconciliation - there are so many fascinating tales waiting to be told here. So why not check out the list now? Vote up your favorites biopic films that feature real people doing extraordinary things.

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