The Best Movies With A Bird Name In The Title

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Not necessarily movies about birds and not The Birds - any film where the title includes the name of a specific type of bird.

Movies with a bird in the title, ranked by film fans and birdwatchers, from "best bird title" to "well, just OK use of a bird name in the title." These aren't all movies about birds, though some are. What these great movies do all have in common, however, is that they have the name of a specific type of bird in their official Hollywood-release title. Whether it is a silly goose movie title like Goosebumps or a more serious, elegant sounding bird title such as The Maltese Falcon, birds have been celebrated throughout film history for their symbolism, special avian talents, and names that roll right off the tongue.

What other good movies about falcons and pelicans and owls and sparrows are available for your viewing pleasure? Plenty! From modern spy movies like Red Sparrow to foreign films like The Snowy Heron, this list includes all the bird movie names that speak to you.

Editor's note: Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds is not on this list because "Birds" is not a specific type of bird; it is just the word "bird," which is not following the rules - anyway, that film is ranked on plenty of other lists, so go vote on those.