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The Best Birds of Prey Members

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List RulesVote up your favorite DC characters who were once, at one point or another, a member of Birds of Prey.

Birds of Prey began in the mid-90s as a sort of superheroine super team-up. There have been several Birds of Prey members over the years, but the founders remain Black Canary and Barbara Gordon. The team has included several high-profile heroines over the years from Catwoman to Poison Ivy to Batgirl. The series was so popular, there's going to be a Birds of Prey movie released about the team in 2020. That's how you know you've made it.

It can be tough to keep track of who was part of Birds of Prey (and even more difficult to determine the best Birds of Prey members), so we sat down and created a list of all the best and most memorable members. It's up to you to vote up the best of the best and determine once and for all the greatest superheroines who've ever been affiliated with the Birds of Prey.

  • Photo: DC Comics

    First appearance: Flash Comics #86 August, 1947

    Dinah Drake originally appeared to be a villain to superhero Johnny Thunder, but it turns out she was merely infiltrating a gang. Later on, she's recruited as one of the first members of Oracle's special ops Birds of Prey team.

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    • Photo: DC Comics

      First appearance: The Huntress #1 April, 1989

      Helena Bertinelli grew up as an adopted daughter in a prominent Gotham Mafia family. She's trained in several forms of combat as a child, but rather than grow up to become a villain, she decides to take down the Mafia. Oops.

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      • Photo: DC Comics

        First appearance:  Detective Comics #359 January, 1967

        The daughter of Police Commissioner James Gordon, Barbara Gordon was on her way to a party in a bat costume when she gets sidetracked and investigates a crime scene. Evidently she does a good job, because she attracts the attention of Batman and starts a crime fighting career. 

        Later, she is injured and ultimately paralyzed by the Joker, leading her to transform into Oracle who focuses on hacking and technological expertise and found the Birds of Prey team.

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          First appearance: Blackhawk #133 February, 1959

          Though there have been several Blackhawks over the years, the first, Zinda Blake, is also the one that joins the Birds of Prey. She's their pilot in part due to her military background. 

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