The Best Black Actors And Actresses Under 40

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Recently, Zoë Kravitz fell out of the top 10, replaced by John Boyega
Most divisive: Jaden Smith

From rising stars to Oscar winners, these are the best Black actors and actresses under 40. This list of young Black actors features up and coming celebrities in their 20s, and popular female actors under 30s. These aren't just the best African American actors - famous British Black actors, like John Boyega and Lupita Nyong'o, also appear on the list. We also have included Afro-Latinx actors, like Alfred Enoch and Tessa Thompson. Whether they're child actors or new faces in Hollywood, these young Black actors are on their way to becoming A-listers. 

Who's your pick for the best Black actors under 40 in Hollywood right now? Check out the list of famous young Black actors below and vote up the ones you think are nailing their roles and taking the industry by storm.

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