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The Most Memorable Quotes From 'Black and Blue'

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Once you've seen this powerful and timely new thriller, we want you to vote for the best Black and Blue quotes. Deon Taylor, who previously made Meet the Blacks and The Intruder, directs this searing police drama. The screenplay was written by Peter A. Dowling. Because of the serious nature of the story, there aren't a lot of funny lines here. Instead, the dialogue is crafted to get the audience thinking about the issues at the story's core.

Naomie Harris, the Oscar-nominated Moonlight actress, plays Alicia West, a rookie police officer in New Orleans. She witnesses some fellow cops committing stone-cold murder. They realize that her body cam has captured their crime, so they attempt to apprehend her before she can make her way back to the precinct, download the footage, and expose them. Tyrese Gibson plays Milo "Mouse" Jackson, a local resident who helps her stay alive long enough to complete the task. The movie looks at controversial issues related to tension between police officers and Black communities in certain parts of the United States. 

Vote up the most memorable Black and Blue quotes from the list below, whether spoken by Alicia West or one of the supporting characters. 

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    Strong Woman

    Milo "Mouse" Jackson (to Alicia West): You are a strong woman.

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    Murder Is Murder

    Alicia West: Murder is murder, no matter who you are.

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    You Think You're Black?

    Officer Deacon Brown (to Alicia West): Let me ask you a question: You think you're Black? You think they're your people? Well, they're not. We are. These streets are a war zone. You're blue now.

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    Price On Your Head

    Milo "Mouse" Jackson (to Alicia West): You got a price on your head.

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