The Best Black Cartoon Characters of All Time

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Best Black animated characters in history, including male and female, old and young people in TV cartoons and movies.


Whether you grew up with these characters or caught them on reruns, the best Black animated characters are all here, from Fat Albert to Carl Carlson. Some have funny stories to tell; others, tales of mishaps and adversity. They all, however, have personalities that have earned them each a spot among the greatest Black characters in animation.

 Black animated characters have filled many roles over the years, and some have even made history. Disney, for example, made headlines in 2009 with the movie The Princess and the Frog. It was the first animated Disney film to feature an African American princess. Of course, animated African American characters were popular long before Disney decided to create one. Children of the late '60s and early '70s perhaps remember watching a few of the best Black animated characters on Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.

 Not all Black animated characters are for children, though. A few of the greatest Black characters can be found on shows with decidedly grown-up humor. There's no doubt that Chef from South Park and Cleveland from both Family Guy and The Cleveland Show are proof that the best Black animated characters can be lewd, raucous, and funny. 

This list comprises the names of top animated Black characters of all time. You’ll find animated Black superheroes, including boys and girls, babies, and regular Joe-type people. You’ll find Black characters from all eras of television, as well. If you have a favorite Black animated people, vote for them below! 


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