The Best Black Anime Characters of All Time

In a medium that is dominated by light skin characters, we felt it appropriate to rank the best Black anime characters of all time. If this list proves anything, it's that we need more Black anime characters! Don't get me wrong, there are some really awesome anime characters that are Black; we just simply don't see them enough, and especially not in lead roles. Before scrolling down to the list below, can you even name 10 Black anime characters off the top of your head? Diehard fans might say yes, but for most of us it's pretty difficult. Obviously there is Afro Samurai and his imaginary sidekick Ninja Ninja, but you'd be hard pressed to name another Black lead in an anime series. Sure there are some really significant characters, like Yoruichi in Bleach, but that's just not enough!

Anyways, we want you to vote for your favorite Black anime characters below. Don't forget, you can add your own characters to the list too, so throw some Black anime characters on here if we left them off.

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