The 15 Best ‘Black Clover’ Fights, Ranked

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Like any great shonen, Black Clover is full of incredible fights that push the combatants to the limit. With high stakes, jaw-dropping magic spells, skilled swordfighting, great visuals, and emotional resonance, every fight has something to reccommend it.

Let's count down some of the very best fights in Black Clover. Some are high-stakes struggles that define the course of the series, such as when everyone works together to take down Zagred. Others are lower-stakes affairs but still a lot of fun, such as Asta's early brush with the arrogant Sekke. What's your favorite fight?

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    Asta & Yami Vs. Dante

    Dante is a terrifying opponent who uses both Body Magic and Gravity Magic. Because he's so strong, he's also arrogant, and he spends the first half of the fight playing around before finally getting serious. Yami puts up a great fight, dodging dangerous moves like Gravity Singularity and letting loose with moves like Death Thrust. But Dante's constant regeneration means that, ultimately, Yami needs Asta's help to beat him. Asta manages to beat Dante by imbuing Yami's katana with Anti-Magic and slashing at him. Because of the Anti-Magic, Dante can't regenerate. 

    It's an epic fight, and the voice acting is incredible, too - you can tell that the actors are really into it. In fact, Asta's voice actor, Gakuto Kajiwara said this about his performance with Yami's voice actor Junichi Suwabe: "We see Asta and Yami fighting together in the episode, but it really felt like we were both fighting together in that recording session."

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    Asta & Yuno Vs. Licht

    This fight does a great job at establishing just how obscenely powerful Licht is. Nothing they try works out. When Asta pulls out his Demon-Dweller Sword, Licht takes it before Asta can stop him. When Yuno uses spells like Spirit Storm, Licht simply absorbs them without taking damage.

    The fight leaves both of them exhausted and Asta heavily wounded. What's more, they're totally unable to deal Licht any damage. While it's sad to see the heroes fail, it's also interesting to see how they handle that failure, and how they grow from it. 

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    Black Bulls Vs. Vetto

    When the Black Bulls go to get a Magic Stone from the Underwater Temple, they encounter a foe they find nearly impossible to deal with - Vetto of the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

    Using every technique in their arsenal, the Black Bulls attempt to hold their own against Vetto's Beast Magic. Asta nearly defeats him, but his best efforts don't work, and Vetto is about to end the whole group. It's only when Yami swoops in out of the dimension where he'd been trapped and lands a blow of his own that Vetto is finally beaten. Talk about high tension!

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    Yami Vs. Licht

    What could be more epic than a showdown between Light and Darkness? During this fight, both combatants release contrasting spells, creating a visual spectacle. Licht and Yami are two immensely powerful masters of magic showing off their skills, so it's exciting to see them go at it.

    Though Yami doesn't ultimately win - Gauche does, by showing up at the last second to deliver the final blow-  the fight is still a testement to Yami's skill, and proof that he deserves to be the leader of the Black Bulls. It also shows how dangerous of an opponent Licht is. 

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    Everyone Vs. Zagred

    Zagred is one of the most intensely evil forces in the series, so his defeat feels sweet indeed. It takes the combined powers of Asta, Yuno, Lemiel, Secre, Licht, Patolli, Yami, and Charla to take him on, proving how horrifically powerful he is. The stakes are high - if they lose, Zagred will destroy the whole Clover Kingdom. 

    We get to see Lemiel and Licht fight against the devil that ruined their lives so long ago. We get to see Yami deal a powerful blow, and we get to see Yuno use his Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash: Equinox for the first time. Finally, we get to see Asta slice Zagred in half. 

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    Julius Novachrono Vs. Patolli

    This fight is interesting because Julius is trying his hardest to defeat Patolli/Licht without damaging him. Why? Because he is sharing a body with Julius's ally William Vangeance, and he doesn't want to hurt his friend. This leaves him unable to use his full power and puts him at a disadvantage, even though his Time Magic is overwhelmingly strong.

    The fight ends with Patolli ramming a light sword through Julius's chest. Shortly afterwards, he passes away while saying goodbye to Yami. It's a painful moment, but an incredible fight.  

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