The Best 'Black Clover' Quotes

As one of the latest shonen anime series to launch in recent years, Black Clover has quickly become a crowd favorite with a variety of characters and a compelling storyline. Following the journey of Asta, whose dream is to become the Wizard King, sounds like a straightforward plot, until you realize that he's been gifted with zero magical abilities; a rarity in a world that prides itself over magic as a normal. Not discouraged in the least, Asta begins training hard, hoping that physical and mental strength alone will be enough to conquer his shortcomings. 

Packed with humor, alongside many meaningful quotes, there are plenty of great lines to come out of this anime. Moments like when Asta was blessed with a hand-chosen mission from the Wizard King himself and he cried, yelling, "The Wizard King chose me! I don't know why, but... Great Wizard King! Asta the Unworthy will give his all on this mission!" are always something to laugh at. However, there are also heart-warming moments, especially when we consider the many flashbacks to Asta and Yuno's childhood. " I'm saying... We don't have any blood relatives, but all the friends we've made... And all the friends we're going to make... Let's treat them just like they're family." These moments allow you to see why the characters are so passionate in their beliefs. 

With a wide range of emotions in every quote, we have a long list of lines from Black Clover just for you! Vote up your favorite!

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    Within A Fifth Leaf... Resides A Demon.

    "The three leaves of the clover represents faith, hope, and love. Within a fourth leaf dwells good luck. Within a fifth leaf... Resides a demon." 

    - Narrator 

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    We're A Whole Group Of Failures!

    "Really? You just couldn't control your magical powers? You should've told me earlier, you royal failure. We're the Black Bulls. We're a whole group of failures!" 

    - Magna

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    Yuno, We're Family, Right?

    Asta: Yuno, we're family, right? But we're more connected than people who share the same blood. 

    Yuno: What brought this on? 

    Asta: I'm saying... We don't have any blood relatives, but all the friends we've made... And all the friends we're going to make... Let's treat them just like they're family. 

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    I'm Gonna Become The Wizard King!

    "All right! I'm gonna do this! I'll be right there! Just you wait! I'm gonna become the Wizard King!"

    - Asta

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    How Do You Become The Wizard King?

    Asta: U-U-Um, d-d-do you have a moment? 

    Julius: What is it? 

    Asta: H-How... 

    Asta & Yuno: ... Do you become the Wizard King? 

    Julius: *Laughs* I see. So you both want to become the Wizard King. Any Magic Knight should have that aspiration. 

    Klaus: You two! It's rude to ask the Wizard King that directly. Listen. The Wizard King must be proud and have the trust of the people-

    Julius: No. It's merit. You can't protect others with pride, and the trust of others comes with merit. There is only one thing people want from the Wizard King... Merit that proves they are the best. Gain merit. Continuously gaining merit is everything. Anyone who can't do that can never stand at the top. 

    Asta & Yuno: Bring it on! 

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    In The End, The Only Thing Desired From A Magic Knight Is Their Magical Powers.

    Yami: No matter how high your combat skills are, if the source of your power is unknown, no one wants anything to do with it. In the end, the only thing desired from a Magic Knight is their magical powers. *Exerts magical energy* 

    Person: W-What's going on? 

    Finral: Hey, Yami?! 

    Asta: *Thinking* S-So much pressure! This is... The magical power of a Magic Knights Squad captain?

    Yami: And since you have no magical powers, no one wants you. That's the cruel reality. You said earlier that you wanted to become the Wizard King, didn't you? Which means you're going to surpass the nine captain here, right? Now that I'm standing before you, do you still have the nerve to say that you're going to be the Wizard King, even without magical powers?

    Asta: E-Even if I can't join the Magic Knights today... No matter how many times I fall, no matter what anyone says to me, I'm still going to become the Wizard King someday! 

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