The 15 Greatest 'Black Clover' Ships, Ranked

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A particularly delightful thing about Black Clover is watching its massive cast of characters interact. Whether they're clearly in love, good friends who could be something more, or straight up enemies, fans love taking encounters between characters and turning them into ships. With that in mind, we're bringing you some of the best Black Clover couples the fandom has to offer.

One of the most popular ships is Noelle x Asta. Noelle goes from haughty and dismissive to kinder and more emotionally stable, and in some ways she has Asta to thank for it. But Noelle isn't the only romantic option Asta has. Some fans prefer to see him with Mimosa, or Yuno. Ships don't have to include the protagonist - maybe you prefer something involving side characters, like Yami x Charlotte or Magna x Luck. 

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    Yami x Charlotte

    Yami and Charlotte have a frustrating will-they-won't-they dynamic that many fans want to see happen already. Charlotte has been desperately in love with Yami ever since he rescued her from a curse when she was a child. But she can't bring herself to admit it, sometimes even to herself. 

    Charlotte isn't a big fan of men in general, and she thinks the rest of the Blue Roses will hate her if she even considers dating one. Ultimately, she decides that she can't ignore her feelings anymore and confesses to him, but because he's close to death at the moment he doesn't remember. Instead, he's under the mistaken impression that she hates him. Despite that, he still respects and likes her, even if he does tease her a lot.

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    Mars x Fana

    As children, Mars and Fana were both chosen to be part of the Diamond Kingdom's experiments to produce stronger mages. This was miserable for both of them, and they relied on each other for comfort. At some point, they were forced to fight to the death. Neither one wanted to take the other down, but Fana ended up tricking Mars into ending her. She tells him to go see the outside world on her behalf.

    But Fana doesn't actually perish thanks to her magic. Later, she ends up being possessed by an elf. The two meet again, and Mars dedicates himself to freeing her from the elf's control. Once she's free, the two of them fight together. They promise to see the world together once Mars is finished with his current mission. With such a beautiful canon romance, it's hard not to get invested in this ship. 

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    Asta x Noelle

    When Noelle and Asta first meet, she's rude and dismissive because of her royal status. Asta makes it hard for her to hold onto that attitude. Not only does he not care about social position, he's also the first person to sincerely compliment Noelle's magic. He also defends her against her family when they criticize her harshly or try to start fights with her. For these reasons, Noelle ends up falling in love with Asta. 

    As expected of Asta, he has no idea. He thinks that when she gets flustered and embarrassed about getting too attached to him, it's because she's embarrassed about trusting him too much. What would happen if he got a clue? That's for the fans to decide. 

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    Gauche x Grey

    Ever since Gauche saved Grey from bandits, he's been really important to her. She sees him as a source of sound advice, and is thrilled when he compliments her Transformation Magic. When he gets seriously injured, she's so distraught that she's able to use her healing magic more effectively than she ever has before. 

    For this relationship to work, Gauche would have to get over his borderline inappropriate obsession with his little sister Marie. But that would be a good thing for both siblings. Maybe someone like Grey, who also needs protection, would be a good way to transition away from all that. 

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    Finral x Finesse

    This one isn't canon, but Finral certainly wants it to be. Finesse is his half-brother Langris' fiance, but that doesn't stop him from wanting to marry her instead. He's resolved to become a man who is worthy of her. 

    Meanwhile, Finesse doesn't seem to be completely opposed to the idea - she's described Finral as being both kinder and stronger than Langris.

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    Magna x Sol

    Magna and Sol are both energetic, opinionated people who refuse to take nonsense from anyone. In Sol's case, this means having a less-than-stellar opinion about men in general. That could create some barriers to the two of them getting together, but it's not impossible. 

    Sol could make an exception for someone she liked, and who knows, maybe Magna would understand where she was coming from without taking it personally, and support her in advocating for womens' rights. 

    A lot of this is the province of fanfiction, not canon, but hey, that's what shipping's all about! 

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