The 15 Best 'Black Clover' Villains, Ranked

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No great shonen anime is complete without a great cast of villains, and Black Clover is no exception. With devastating powers and intriguing motivations, these anime villains make the show worth watching.

Whether they're among the strongest Black Clover villains like Dante and Zagred, or weak but still intriguing like Dazu, the show has an incredible array of villains that the heroes must overcome. Who are the best Black Clover villains? That's up to you.

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    Unlike the other members of the Dark Triad, who treat fights like games, Zenon Zogratis prefers to dispatch his enemies as efficiently as possible. He's a cold, cruel, and merciless person who gets the job done.

    It's hard to say what's scarier - his ability to control space itself using Spatial Magic or his ability to turn his own bones into weapons using Bone Magic. No matter which power he's using, you do not want him as an opponent. 

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    If you love ridiculously spooky, purely evil villains, Zagred's your guy. Zagred is a high-ranking Devil who orchestrated the massacre of the Elf Tribe. He's a sadistic demon who sees everyone else as a means to his ends - obtaining a permanent body.

    His Kotodama Magic, which lets him alter the world around him using speech, makes him even more formidable. His badass design emphasizes his power. 

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    Lucifero is the highest-ranking Devil in the underworld, which he rules alongside two other Devils. He's pure evil, placing little to no value on anyone's life, be they humans, elves, or lesser Devils.

    At one point, he was ready to destroy the entire world. With his Gravity Magic and his ability to possess Dante Zogratis, stopping him is no easy task. 

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    Asta and Yami's battle against Dante Zogratis is one of the coolest fights in the show. Part of that is because Dante is such a cool villain. He's a suave, charismatic person who seems totally chill - that is, until you realize he sees humanity as inherently evil and thinks everyone is better off expressing their "true nature." 

    His combination of Body Magic, Gravity Magic, and the powers granted by the Devil he's possessed with make him nearly impossible to beat. 

    One downside to Dante? He definitely doesn't see women as his equals. That might be a deal breaker for some people. 

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    Rhya might be lazy and flirtatious, but he takes things seriously when he has to. His perceptiveness and intelligence allowed him to see inconsistencies in the story of the Massacre of the Elf Tribe that others couldn't. Nevertheless, he still worked with the Eye of the Midnight Sun to achieve their goals and hopefully be reunited with the other elves. 

    He fights using a particularly cool form of magic - Imitation Magic. This lets him copy other people's magic by touching their grimoire. He can't copy Anti-Magic, but his potential is more or less unlimited otherwise. 

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    The Witch Queen

    The Witch Queen rules over the Witches' Forest and is the mother of all witches. She's able to tell the future, and she uses what she learns to manipulate others to her benefit. For example, she kidnaps Vanessa in the hopes of using her Thread Magic, and she heals Asta's arms so she can use him, too.

    However, she hardly needs other people's magic - her own Blood Magic and Creation Magic can easily do some serious damage. 

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