The Funniest Black Movies Ever Made

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Vote up the greatest comedies starring people of color, made primarily for Black audiences.

Some of the funniest movies ever made feature talented casts of African American actors and actresses. The top Black comedies spotlight quick-witted characters and hilarious situations, all with a focus on family and friendship. This is a list of the greatest funny Black movies including everything from The Nutty Professor to How High to Think Like A Man.

What famous films will you find on this list of African American comedy movies? In Coming to America, Eddie Murphy stars as an African prince seeking his true love and queen in New York City. Murphy and his co-star Arsenio Hall played multiple roles in this classic comedy. Barbershop is another crowd-pleasing hit, and Friday - starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker - is a gut-busting look at a day in the life of two good friends. Other gems featured on this list of the best Black comedies include Beverly Hills Cop, A Madea Christmas, and House Party.

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