The Best Black Couples In TV History

We’re ranking the best Black couples on TV. With time-tested relationships that made us both laugh and cry, these Black TV couples left a mark in TV history and in our lives. From George and Louise to Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv, this list includes the best black couples in TV history. 

In the '80s and early '90s, Cliff and Clair Huxtable charmed audiences everywhere in The Cosby Show. They were probably one of the most famous Black couples on TV. Carl and Harriette Winslow from Family Matters were Friday night staples on ABC, and Michael and Janet in My Wife and Kids were the types of parents every kid wanted. 

Lucius and Cookie from Empire were one of the Black couples with the best chemistry - though sometimes that was to their own detriment. This list also features the best Black TV show couples from kids’ shows, such as Tanya and Victor from That’s So Raven and Ron and Natalie from Gullah Gullah Island

Which couple is your favorite? Vote up the best Black TV couples, and add your own if they’re missing from the list.

Ranked by
  • Whitley & Dwayne

    Whitley & Dwayne

    280 votes

    A Different World

  • Martin & Gina

    Martin & Gina

    227 votes


  • Cliff & Clair

    Cliff & Clair

    197 votes

    The Cosby Show

  • Uncle Phil & Aunt Viv

    Uncle Phil & Aunt Viv

    172 votes

    Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

  • Bernie & Wanda

    Bernie & Wanda

    138 votes

    The Bernie Mac Show

  • Michael & Janet

    Michael & Janet

    157 votes

    My Wife and Kids