The Very Best Black Directors, Ranked

Films like 12 Years a Slave have made movie history and garnered tons of awards for Black, British film director, Steve McQueen. The spotlight is on the absolute best Black directors in movie history who have made some amazing, award winning films. Who are the best Black directors? Vote up the best directors below based on their bodies of work.

This list features the best Black directors, including both African American directors and Black film directors from other countries. These visionaries are responsible for helming some of the greatest films in movie history, and has been ranked by users to determine who is truly the best. The films of these awesome directors include Hunger, Daughters of the Dust, To Sleep With Anger, Badou Boy, and The Exile.

Some of the directors on this list include Spike Lee, Denzel Washington, F. Gary Gray, John Singleton, Tyler Perry, Kasi Lemmons, Forest Whitaker, and Sidney Poitier. Vote up the Black director you think is the absolute best, or add someone who isn't already on the list.

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