The 15 Best Black Female Anime Characters

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It's time for some Black girl magic! While there aren't nearly as many Black anime girls and women as one would hope, there are still a lot that are worth celebrating. 

Black women and girls show up in all kinds of anime, from kids shows like Pokémon to adult shows like Cowboy Bebop. Though rarely the main characters, they can serve very important roles. Canary from Hunter x Hunter is the Zoldyck Family's apprentice butler and guard who ends up helping Gon rescue Killua from his family. Meanwhile, Gotei 13's former second division captain Yoruichi Shihouin is one of the strongest female characters in Bleach. Other great representations of Black women in anime include Michiko Malandro and Atsuko Jackson from Michiko & Hatchin. Both are Afro-Latinas who grew up in a fictionalized version of Brazil. 

Hopefully, as anime continues to be a global phenomenon, more Black female anime characters will appear.

  • Yoruichi Shihouin - 'Bleach'
    Photo: Bleach / Studio Pierrot

    Before quitting to work at the Urahara Shop, Yoruichi Shihouin was the captain of the second division of the Gotei 13, making her one of the most powerful members of Soul Society.

    She's a smart, sarcastic woman who relies largely on her immense speed in battle. She also possesses the unique ability to transform into a cat.

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    Michiko Malandro - 'Michiko & Hatchin'

    Michiko Malandro - 'Michiko & Hatchin'
    Photo: Michiko & Hatchin / Manglobe

    Michiko Malandro is a free spirit who does whatever she wants, when she wants - a trait that often gets her in a lot of trouble. She's been arrested before, and she spends most of the series on the run after breaking out of prison.

    Why do something so extreme? She wants to find her boyfriend Hiroshi, and she thinks she has a chance if she tracks down his daughter Hana. Doing this involves driving her motorcycle through the window of Hana's foster home.

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    Miyuki Ayukawa - 'Basquash!'

    Miyuki Ayukawa - 'Basquash!'
    Photo: Basquash! / Satelight

    Miyuki Ayukawa is Team Basquatch's resident mechanic. Not only that, but she's the person who taught Dan how to pilot a Big Foot mech to begin with.

    She cares deeply about the team's success, but she also cares a lot about Dan specifically. The two of them lived together as children before her family moved away, and they expressed romantic interest in each other.

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    Canary - 'Hunter x Hunter'

    Canary - 'Hunter x Hunter'
    Photo: Hunter x Hunter / Madhouse

    Canary is one of the Zoldyck Family's trusted butlers, a position that requires some serious physical strength to back it up. But while she does have a job to do, she also spent a lot of time playing with Killua when they were younger. She thinks that Killua is unfairly mistreated by the family and she often tries to help him out.

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    Carole - 'Carole & Tuesday'

    Carole - 'Carole & Tuesday'
    Photo: Carole & Tuesday / Bones

    After immigrating from Earth to Mars, Carole has been working hard to make a living for herself. When she meets Tuesday, she finally gets the chance to do the thing she's most passionate about - playing music that comes from her heart, instead of from an AI machine.

    But though she's totally invested in her musical career, she also has other concerns - like reuniting with her father and with an old friend from Earth who might be in trouble.

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    Iris - 'Pokémon Journeys'

    Iris - 'Pokémon Journeys'
    Photo: Pokémon Journeys: The Series / OLM

    Iris hails from the Village of Dragons. While she wasn't a fan of Dragon Pokémon at first, she had several experiences that helped her change her mind. After being sent on a training journey with a baby Axew by one of her village's elders, she becomes Ash's traveling companion while the two of them travel through the Unova Region. 

    Later, she places in the Top 8 of the Masters Eight Tournament, which is meant to determine the most powerful Pokémon trainer in the world.