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Every 'Black Mirror' Episode, Ranked

Updated 10 Jun 2020 13.2k votes 1.7k voters 23.4k views22 items

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Thanks to Netflix, fans of Black Mirror, the BBC shows Netflix brought stateside, have been gifted many more episodes since its premiere back in 2011. Black Mirror often examines the darker side of technology and asks: are we all doomed? There are other shows like Black Mirror that do the same, but something about this series is special.

Many Black Mirror episodes leave viewers feeling exhausted, having witnessed the worst of the marriage between humanity and technology. But every Black Mirror episode has its own merits and many fans hotly debate which Black Mirror episodes are the best in the series. Weigh in on the debate below by voting up the episodes of Black Mirror that left you saying, "holy sh*t, what did I just watch?"

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