The Best Black Movies Of 2023

The best Black movies of 2023 feature famous Black actors from all over the world. It's going to be a year of good films featuring talented and diverse casts, and we're ranking them by votes from movie fans like you. From gripping thrillers like Luther: The Fallen Sun to hilarious comedies such as the House Party reboot, this list has something for everyone. Get ready to see your favorite African American and Black stars in action as they bring their characters to life on the big screen. With so many films to choose from, it will be difficult to determine which movie should make it into the top ten, let alone the number one spot. That's where you and your votes can help.

Vote up all your favorite 2023 Black movies and don't hesitate to vote down the ones that you think other fans should skip. You should also check back for upcoming and new Black films as they are added to the list upon release. Want to stream these movies? Look for the HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, and Paramount+ buttons below each film to stream them whenever you want.

  • House Party
    Video: YouTube

    It's time to party at LeBron James's mansion! Damon (Tosin Cole) and Kevin (Jacob Latimore) come up with what seems to be a great idea and a quick way to make some money. But this house party is sure to take some hilarious twists and turns.

    Aspiring club promoters and best buddies Damon and Kevin are barely keeping things together. Out of money, down on their luck and about to lose the roofs over their heads, they need a huge windfall to make their problems go away. They soon decide to host the party of the year at an exclusive mansion, which just happens to belong to none other than NBA superstar LeBron James.
    • Actors: Tosin Cole, Jacob Latimore, Karen Obilom, DC Young Fly, Andrew Santino
    • Released: 2023
    • Directed by: Calmatic
  • Saint Omer
    Video: YouTube

    This tense French legal drama finds a pregnant novelist following the trial of a woman accused of allowing the ocean's tide to take her infant child. She can't help but see parallels between the woman's testimony and her feelings about her own pregnancy.

    A novelist attends the trial of a woman accused of killing her 15-month-old daughter by abandoning her to the rising tide on a beach in northern France. But as the trial continues, her own family history, doubts, and fears about motherhood are steadily dislodged as the life story of the accused is gradually revealed.
    • Actors: Kayije Kagame, Guslagie Malanda, Valérie Dréville
    • Released: 2023
    • Directed by: Alice Diop
  • Door Mouse
    Video: YouTube

    Hayley Law (who you might remember from Riverdale) takes the lead in this gritty mystery as she looks to find out who is responsible for the disappearance of her friends. Door Mouse mixes cool with intrigue in this neo-noir thriller.

    A comic-book creator working at a burlesque club enlists the help of a colleague to figure out what's behind the disappearances of young women in their circle.
    • Actors: Donal Logue, Famke Janssen, Avan Jogia, Landon Liboiron, Hayley Law
    • Released: 2022
    • Directed by: Avan Jogia