The Best Black Musical Movies

The cinema has a long history of producing outstanding Black musical films. One of the first Black musicals came in 1943 with Stormy Weather, a film with over 20 musical numbers, which showcased the talent of screen legends Lena Horne and Bill Robinson. There are also plenty of new Black musicals on this roundup as well. Here are the greatest Black musical films.

Jennifer Hudson won a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for her show-stopping performance in Dreamgirls. Jamie Foxx took home a Best Actor Oscar for his convincing portrayal of Ray Charles in Ray. Many of these films are based on true stories, while others are purely fictional. However, they are all entertaining.

Rediscover the magic of The Wiz and the coolness of Prince in Purple Rain on this comprehensive Black musical movie list. Join in on the fun by voting up your favorite films and vote down on any you wish you hadn't seen.

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