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The Best Black Panther Storylines in Comics

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Black Panther has always been an underrated and important Marvel character, and the list of Black Panther’s greatest adventures proves that. As one of the first and most prominent black superheroes ever created, the best Black Panther comics are not just good reads, they hold some serious cultural significance. Black Panther stories have a tendency to explore major societal themes, blending action and adventure with political intrigue and social issues. King T’Challa is at his best when his comics are making the reader think, along with entertaining them.

Black Panther made his debut in July of 1966, having been created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the godfathers of Marvel Comics. T’Challa first appeared in Fantastic Four #52, but since then he’s been just as associated with the Avengers as he has with Marvel’s first family. Nearly as significant as the invention of Black Panther was the invention of his homeland, the fictional nation of Wakanda, which remains one of the most progressive depictions of an African nation to ever appear in a comic book.