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The Best Black Quarterbacks Of All Time

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Many of the best Black quarterbacks of all-time are in the league right now. In 2019, we are in what appears to be the Golden Age of the Black quarterbacks in the NFL. We are decades removed from the time when Doug Williams became the first Black quarterback to win the Super Bowl, with his heroic Super Bowl XXII performance. But if you're wondering how many black QBs have won championships since then, the answer is just one: Russell Wilson.

Modern stars like Cam Newton and Donovan McNabb have come close, and young QBs like Deshaun Watson and Dak Prescott are ready to take their shot at glory. The Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes has an MVP award under his belt and could compete for Super Bowls over the course of career. The list of famous Black quarterbacks in the NFL is growing by the day, as new, talented QBs come up through the college ranks and get their chance in the league, players like Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray.

But who are the best Black quarterbacks of all-time? Whether you prefer Warren Moon's flashes of brilliance or the steady hand of Randall Cunningham, this list has something for everyone, so make your picks below.