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The Best Black Widow Storylines To Get To Know Natasha Romanoff

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The best Black Widow comics prove that Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow's real name) is one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel Universe, and that only has a little to do with Scarlett Johansson's brilliant performance as the highly-trained Soviet assassin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite that amazing performance, the character has a long history in the Marvel Universe, and at times, she has been both a villain and a hero. Fans of the films already know a lot about Black Widow, but the fans who have been reading about her in comics for years know quite a bit more about the complex hero.

If you're new to the character or are simply looking for some amazing graphic novels, single issues, story arcs, or comic books to read about Black Widow, you've come to the right place! This list highlights the very best Black Widow stories from the pages of Marvel Comics. If you happen to see your favorite story arcs featuring this incredible character's greatest adventures, don't forget to vote it up and vote down the story arcs you don't love. Your votes will detemine the best of Black Widow's storylines ever told in comics!

  • Story Found In: Black Widow #1-6

    To say Natasha has a dark past is the understatement of all comicdom, but when that past comes back to haunt her, she finds herself on the run from the entire organization of SHIELD as well as Iron Man!

    She finds herself completely on her own, running from pretty much everyone she ever called friend or foe, which takes her back to the place it all began: the Black Widow Red Room. Here, she must uncover her past so that she can preserve her future or she'll find herself running for the rest of her life.

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    • Story Found In: Black Widow (2004) #1-6

      Black Widow is one of those characters who is a lot less like James Bond and a lot more like Jason Bourne. This story plays out much like a Jason Bourne adventure in that it's gritty, hard boiled, and incredibly exciting.

      After a brief attempt at retirement, an attempt on Natasha's life forces her to return to the one place she most desperately wants to avoid: Russia. There's a reason she prefers to avoid her old stomping grounds, and it all plays out in a brutal fashion that makes for a great story full of intense action and the over-the-top violence you might expect from a Black Widow story.

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      • Story Found In: Bizarre Adventures #25

        In this beautifully illustrated black and white adventure, an agent of MI-6 is killed by an unknown squad of assailants, and it's up to Natasha to find out what happened. She is ordered to infiltrate and take out an arms installation somewhere in Africa.

        She eventually finds herself facing off with her nemesis, Irma Klausvichnova, but it turns out to actually be a SHIELD imposter named Stacy Cromwell who was killed by the American Agent she was told she could trust! This is one of those espionage stories that works really well for the character, and while it does have some silly puns, it stands as one of the greats where the Black Widow is concerned.

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        • Story Found In: Black Widow #1-6 and All-New Marvel Now! Point One

          Early in the game, Black Widow left her life as an assassin behind to join forces with the Avengers, but every now and again, her past comes back to stir things up. In "The Finely Woven Thread," Natasha leaves the Avengers to take on a secret mission of her own, and it puts her up against a new and powerful enemy.

          This is easily one of the best stories to feature the character, and it was published as recently as 2014. Featuring the beautiful and captivating artwork of Phil Noto with writer Nathan Edmondson, this is one of those Black Widow stories that no fan should go without reading.

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